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The transformation

This post is inspired by another post I read recently about an unrequited love, a broken person and a hurt heart. It’s easy to break someone but very hard to build the trust again. However hard it is, it would become a lesson in the victim’s life but for you, your karma will hunt you down and kick your a**.

But then in cases where someone plays you knowingly, does the ego ever let go? Does the grudge ever fade? Does the scars ever vanish? Does the anger ever cools completely? That’s what ego is about. That little bit of ego is necessary to uphold your self-respect or so I feel. Maybe I am being amateur, maybe not.


I have long wanted to let go
The grudge I held has turned futile
It was you who taught me, what it meant to love
And then to lose.

It’s true that if not for you,
My understanding of love would’ve been infertile,
It’s true that I wouldn’t have known how,
And to whom to give my all.

I was too blind to see it, blinded by you,
Then you broke me and the illusion turned vile,
When you showed me what it takes to lose in love,
I saw what I’d done to another loving heart.

Even as I let it out of my mind to flow
My ego clings on to the tip of the pile,
Refusing to erase the grudge now,
Refusing to leave without a scar.

It wants a that bit of regret to stay on,
So that I know all the while,
That it’s always easier to vow,
Than to keep it up.

But for the sake of being a better person,
Wherever you are, thank you for that lesson worthwhile,
But wherever you are, you would never know love,
And that’s for the sake of my ego.

Whether you know it or not, sinners pay
Because there’s always karma’s aisle,
Of course, it might not be just now,
But you are just waiting your turn!

Until later 🙂

P.S :Don’t ask me where I was! I would say 2 things – Work and Health. Just when I thought enough is enough and picked up the spirit to blog, the common cold beat the crap out of me. I haven’t yet recovered from the blow but I figured, what the hell! I can’t and won’t be deterred by this.

P.P.S: I haven’t picked my laptop at home for more than 2 weeks 🙁 Poor me!


  1. Soumya

    Karma get to everyone, doesn’t it? I’m waiting for my list to be targetted 😉

    But that’s love, it blinds everything even when you can notice the obvious. I’m glad you moved on to someone who loves you.

    Get week soon love and write more often. That might help the sickness!

    • Keirthana

      True, their time will come when it is to be.

      Thanks love, Yup, you’re right. Writing helps me take my mind off the sickness.

  2. Nisha

    Well, been there done that. The grudge doesn’t stay for long. Love is a much stronger emotion and a corner of your heart holds on to it. Moreover, why hold regrets and grudges when you can hold on to love and smile remembering the good old days?

    However, in some extreme cases where the hurt is just too much, this might not be true.

    • Keirthana

      Of course, all of us try to hold on to love and think of it as a lesson that someday makes us smile. However, the ego doesn’t let go that easily, does it? 🙂

  3. Uma

    Slowly but surely karma does work its wonders but sometimes you feel if it really does? As long as we have moved on, it doesn’t really matter in the end, right?

    • Keirthana

      True Uma! If we let go of the nagging ego, we need not really look back and check whether karma got to them. It will, no matter what but we wuoldn’t have to look back.

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