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Will you marry me?



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Proposing to my guy has always been like a dream come true for me. Yes, I belong to one of those rare breeds who don’t think that proposing is a man’s job. Call me names, I wouldn’t care. Proposing to your love to be together for the rest of your life is an expression of love and that can happen irrespective of who does it. 🙂 So here goes how I would do it if I had to propose to my guy on Valentine’s day.

I know that he likes it simple while I am a die-hard romantic. He keeps coming up with simple yet sweeping me off my feet surprises for me while he enjoys my cheesy shows and takes them all in with an amused smile that I love so much. We do it our way every time we do something for the other and end up having the perfect combination of romance and reality. That’s the recipe of our love. So my way would be buttered up with romance with each step, with each action a step closer to a fairy tale.

I would start off the day by dressing up in the first dress and the jewel set he gifted me with and he would surprise me with the shirt I bought him. Then the day would be taken over by a treasure hunt involving the place where we first met, the place where we felt our love for the first time, the place where we confessed our love for each other and a few of our favorite haunts. I would write a poem about each place as the clue. I would accompany him as each clue unravels. Luckily for us, all these places fall close by each other to easily reach yet we take the whole day since we spend a lot of time reminiscing at each of the places. We would sink into nostalgic memories and relive each of those moments together. For lunch, I would open up the picnic basket I had packed with the most favorite of his dishes, each one cooked to perfection with all my love and the place I would plan the lunch would be under the cherry blossom tree where we first felt our love for each other. A crispy crunchy veg salad for starters, a lasagna layered with an extra tinge of his favorite tomato sauce and a bit of white sauce to add a special flavor, golden fried baby potatoes as a side and top it off with his favorite Cassatta ice-cream for dessert.He would be surprised that I cooked all these since I am not a great fan of cooking yet. I would see the appreciation and love for me sparkling in his eyes.

At each stop, he would buy me solitary flowers and would be blissful at the joy I express.As I collect all the flowers he gets close to my heart, he makes a bouquet of them – the single red rose, the bright orange daisy, the sunny daffodil, a couple of tulips and lilies inserted appear as a colorful rainbow that has descended on us. As we draw to the end of the treasure hunt, the last stop would be my place. The place would have a rose petal stepping decor leading from the hallway to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, I would blindfold him with a red satin ribbon. As he is busy trying to figure out what I am up to, I would put on the mixed tape of the romantic songs we have collected and enjoyed together. I would then quickly slip into the other bedroom with my closet to slip into the powder blue satin gown I have been saving for this day. As I would have all of this planned, this quick slip would take only a couple of minutes which should be enough to lead him on but not let him guess what I am doing.

Then the final moment – I would undo his blindfold and the first thing he sees is me on my knee with the platinum love bands extended and the silent question written all over my face – “Will you marry me?”. He would be stunned for a minute because he had written a poem about me on my previous birthday revolving around the exact image but as in a dream that he had had. This would be literally his dream come true for him. As tears flow freely, we exchange rings and say “Yes!” at the same time. His ‘Yes’ in answer to my unasked obvious question and my ‘Yes’ in the exuberance of having the love of my life with me forever.

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Until later 🙂


  1. Bikram

    Now that is so romanticccccccccccc .. beautiful 🙂

    God bless the lovely couple 🙂

    all the best with the entry..


    • Keirthana

      Thanks Bikram! 🙂

  2. ak ™

    That’s too much love.

    I just hope that I too find someone just like this out there.

    And oh, I too wanted to write a story/article on this topic. But then I realized that I am not the right person to write about love or anything remotely romantic. Yes, you guessed it right. I am not romantic at all. I can hear you sighing. I did that myself. #Sigh

    • Keirthana

      You’ll find your one, AK! And it’s not wrong to be not romantic. A lot of guys are like that, yes believe me, a lot! We girls put up with you people 😛 In reality, its easy to please us unlike guys think. A small gesture to show us that you are romantic is enough for most of us rather than a big plan. And of course I am generalizing, so exceptions will be there 🙂

  3. Guruprasad

    A dream come true indeed! 😉

    • Keirthana

      For whom? 😛

  4. K

    Wow, the post is dripping of romance. I am a die-hard romantic too but my guy is the opposite. Guess that’s why we are paired so in life, so that one of us can keep their feet firm on the ground 😉

    • Keirthana

      That’s so true, if both of us starting flying, who’ll keep us grounded? 😉

  5. Soumya

    How cute this was. And kinda sexy too 🙂

    • Keirthana

      Thanks Leo! Ha, you’re one to talk 😛 Your post was awesomely romantic and sensual 😉

  6. Visha

    Ahem, ahem, this is whats going to happen on your anniversary night, right, right? 😛 😛

    • Keirthana

      Maybe 😛

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