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November : The roller coaster

Here goes the month of November 2014 in our anniversary year, the 10th on the list:)


Dear Adit,

November was a roller coaster that we never foresaw. There were some changes coming in but we never knew everything would come together and throw our plans all over the place. The beginning of November saw me getting out of my job, enjoying a week’s break and then joining my dream job. November was the month when you decided on quitting your home company and the day I moved in my new job, you quit yours. And the company I joined and the company you quit being one and the same, we couldn’t help but laugh at the irony.

November also brought a loss, we lost a beloved grandpa. He was your maternal grandfather and a gem of a man! We struggled to cope with the loss, traveling to Chennai for the grievance, finishing of the formalities that joining my new job required. It was like all hell had broken loose. We planned, packed, changed plans, then re-packed but nothing ever fell in place.

Only after 20 days into the month, we were able to sit down and think. The 14th of November brought my nephew, Pranav into the world and I was on cloud nine. My only regret was my bro being in the States and I couldn’t hold my nephew in my hands 🙁 We spent a good deal of time on skype, trying to come to a conclusion whether he resembled my sis-in-law or my bro more. Another dilemma we had was whether his birthday was November 14 as per US time-zone or November 15 as per ours! My parents were all for 15th while I stuck to 14th. The little dude was born there and hence that’s the day I am gonna wish him on 🙂 Plus it is a special day being Children’s day and all!

The 17th was your birthday but we were not able to do much because we were too busy and overcome with grief to do anything. I was glad that I had made your gift in advance, a hand-made greeting card and a key-ring of hearts with messages on each hearts. I had made both of them from scratch and was very happy about how they had turned out. I knew you were not in the mood but I couldn’t let your birthday go without a cake! So I did something out of the box this time. I made custard and had it frozen in the shape of a heart. I was breaking my head as how to decorate it as I did not have any cherries at hand but then raisins came to the rescue. We had a quiet birthday, reliving our memories and sinking into nostalgia.

The end of November brought some peace that we deserved and desired! November was life’s idea of showing us who’s in control.

And did I tell you? I love you 😉




Until later 🙂


  1. K

    Your November sounds like Mr.Murphy had his piece of cake! That was a great gift for your husband.

    Sorry about your grandfather and congrats on your nephew.. Things happen in a way that we appreciate life more!

    • Keirthana

      Indeed! My November was Murphy’s playground.

      Thank you very much!

  2. Bikram

    November is the BEST month 🙂 I am november born 🙂

    I am sorry to hear about the loss, my condolences.. Take care

    • Keirthana

      Thank you! And do you know that November born people are also more stubborn 😉 Just saying because most of them end up being a Scorpio

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