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Dedication: Adit, this one’s for you


Krti looked at the bangles jingling on her arm, the rainbow of colors that erupted. Each reminded her of Adit in its unique way, bringing a little more light into her life. Even as it was happening bit by bit, she could see what he was doing to her and her life. Refreshing, enlightening and redefining, all at the same time. She smiled at the thought of his silly question that morning -“Aditi, why do you love me?” And without waiting for her to answer, he followed up -“How much do you love me?”. She smiled at him and asked, “Why these silly questions now?”. He pouted like a kid and replied, “I just wanna know”. All she did in reply was to ask him to get into the shower as it was getting late.

Now thinking back, she smiled to herself as she remembered how specially he pronounced Aditi – his pet name for her, derived from his name Adit. And as she thought about it, she realized his question had the answer within and wondered if he hadn’t realized it yet. She looked down at her bangles and reminisced how he had loved the look and sound of them on her arm. He had insisted on buying them even as she felt they were too expensive for their worth. Each bangle shone with a different color and reached out to her in a different way. And in that moment’s inspiration, she decided to let Adit have the answer. She sat down and started writing.

“The golden yellow speaks of your happiness
While the sky blue brings out your kindness
The dull grey establishes your laziness
And the stubborn black paints your strong spirit
The flashy silver gives away your dazzling smile
A carved out orange in line with your outgoing nature
The fresh green wakes me up to your confidence
Red makes me smile thinking of your childlike anger
And my favorite purple speaks volumes of your trust in me

All of them my favorites, just like each part of you
I can never pick one trait of you to tell you
Why I love you or how much. I just love you
Our love shines through all these colors
And then it shines some more
It is this forever that we dreamed of
And it is the same forever we are living now
Whatever life gives us, I promise,
It will always be this forever that we’ll have
Limitless eternity at heart, one with the soul
There stops the measure, making it boundless
Just like you named me – Aditi*.”

*Aditi means limitless, boundless

Until later 🙂

P.S: Part fiction and part non-fiction.

Image Courtesy: flickr.com

Remember to turn the light on

Image courtesy: http://magpietales.blogspot.in/

The passion that became an obsession
The indifference that comes with mistrust

The memory that kept coming back
The oblivion which makes everything so easy

The love that leaped in flames
The hate which comes so easily

The tears that don’t need any prompt
The smiles that put everything straight

The quiet innocence which shields
And the knowledge which robs that very peace

The anger that burns up the place
The calm before that very storm

In spite of all the burdening emotions
Stay still, one with inner peace

As you try to contend content
Peace will come find you
Give in to that feeling of stillness
Observe what brings in the dark

In this world that’s so blatant
You will find, as if on cue
That single thread of mindfulness
If you remember to turn the light on

Inspired by Dumbledore’s famous quote in Harry Potter & the prisoner of Azkaban – “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”

 Until later 🙂

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Wings of Fury

tumblrImage Source: tumblr

She wanted to spread her wings and fly,
They held her back from rising high,
She fought back, asking them to let her try,
But suppress was all they did.

Questions – How, when, what and why?
All of them – unspoken and without answers,
But never once did she give up and cry,
For when it came to life, she was a dancer

Her wings were bound hard to be cut
She knew they were her best bet
If at all she wanted to strike back
This was her last chance to hack

So that’s what she did, rose with all her might
Against her fury, little chance they had to stand
Everyone vanished as if banished by her wand
And she emerged as her own savior knight!

Until later 🙂


The tears that sprout before you feel,
The nostalgia that comes before you call,
The pain that hurts before you realize,
The rush that goes away before you could savor,
The low that depresses before you avoid,
The love that hits before you know,
The anxiety that troubles before you acknowledge,
The rage that hurts before you can control,
The fear that eats you up before you address,
The excitement that’s infectious before you process,
The craving that tempts you before you could fight,
All these make us human
Emotions – Bundled up in a mess.

Until later 🙂

The transformation

This post is inspired by another post I read recently about an unrequited love, a broken person and a hurt heart. It’s easy to break someone but very hard to build the trust again. However hard it is, it would become a lesson in the victim’s life but for you, your karma will hunt you down and kick your a**.

But then in cases where someone plays you knowingly, does the ego ever let go? Does the grudge ever fade? Does the scars ever vanish? Does the anger ever cools completely? That’s what ego is about. That little bit of ego is necessary to uphold your self-respect or so I feel. Maybe I am being amateur, maybe not.


I have long wanted to let go
The grudge I held has turned futile
It was you who taught me, what it meant to love
And then to lose.

It’s true that if not for you,
My understanding of love would’ve been infertile,
It’s true that I wouldn’t have known how,
And to whom to give my all.

I was too blind to see it, blinded by you,
Then you broke me and the illusion turned vile,
When you showed me what it takes to lose in love,
I saw what I’d done to another loving heart.

Even as I let it out of my mind to flow
My ego clings on to the tip of the pile,
Refusing to erase the grudge now,
Refusing to leave without a scar.

It wants a that bit of regret to stay on,
So that I know all the while,
That it’s always easier to vow,
Than to keep it up.

But for the sake of being a better person,
Wherever you are, thank you for that lesson worthwhile,
But wherever you are, you would never know love,
And that’s for the sake of my ego.

Whether you know it or not, sinners pay
Because there’s always karma’s aisle,
Of course, it might not be just now,
But you are just waiting your turn!

Until later 🙂

P.S :Don’t ask me where I was! I would say 2 things – Work and Health. Just when I thought enough is enough and picked up the spirit to blog, the common cold beat the crap out of me. I haven’t yet recovered from the blow but I figured, what the hell! I can’t and won’t be deterred by this.

P.P.S: I haven’t picked my laptop at home for more than 2 weeks 🙁 Poor me!

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