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And that’s how it’s done

There is one scene in “The Good Wife” that I like so much. Granted that I have an on and off feeling when it comes to Alicia Florrick’s character in the series, but there are some scenes when she kicks ass. Hats off to Juliana Margulies for such a brilliant portrayal!

There is one scene in Season 4, Episode 16. Alicia is pitted against Liz Lawrence (her nemesis from law school, played by Audra McDonald). Out of frustration that Alicia is winning the case defending a drug dealer client so coolly, Liz venomously tries to hurt Alicia with the one thing that could hurt her most. Alicia replies with a stone face and shows  how it’s done.

Liz: “You know, we used to feel bad for you, The old gang from school. We all called each other after your press conference and said, can you believe it?”.. “Having your husband admit to sleeping with prostitutes. Now I see.  You were made for each other.”

Alicia: “You know what I’ve thought of you since school?”…   “Nothing.”

That scene showed Alicia’s core strength. And that is the inspiration for these verses.


Some things don’t bother me,
Like that smug smile of yours,
Pretending to show me one up.

Some things don’t bother me,
Like those hints you drop by,
Thinking they’d hurt me somehow.

Some things don’t bother me,
Like the nostalgia you try to revive,
Hoping they’d throw me off my game.

Some things don’t bother me,
Like the attitude you try to flaunt,
Believing it conceals your intentions.

Some things don’t bother me,
Because as much as I observe them and
As much as I am amused by them,
I never think about them,
For they are just a passing jest in my life,
For I am too busy living my life to its best.


Until later 🙂


The two characters that immediately come to my mind when you say storm are Storm from X-Men and Daenerys from A Song of Ice and Fire.

Storm can be interpreted in many ways – rage, frustration, struggle, confusion, supernatural and so on. But to interpret Storm as a woman’s strength is something that excites me, something that provides my muse with more adrenaline.

Facing a storm of struggles is hard, but becoming the storm itself in the face of struggles takes a strength of a different class. Here’s to everyone who’s become the storm and to everyone who aspires to be one:

Lot of thoughts in my mind
None of it is about you
You never existed for me
Not as a reality
Not as a shadow
That’s why you shouldn’t flatter yourself
Thinking that you saw me struggling in your storm
What you don’t know is, I am the storm in every struggle!

Until later 🙂


A light fragrance in the air, and
A feeling of hands running through my hair,
Reminding me of you and your memory
A time capsule, buried deep in me.

Like a ghost from the past,
Every memory of you is a blast.
But there’s no pain in me
Or my memories, none at all.

When & how did you fade?
From being the voice of my soul
To a mere echo, blighted in existence.
And I wonder, was that all there was to us?

Life teaches a lot of intriguing lessons
The best of which, I think, is to forget.
As I heal with each passing day,
I learn to let your memories fade away.

Like that distant echo that you can’t catch,
Like that missing piece of the puzzle,
Like the rain-washed verses of an estranged poem,
Like the forgotten beauty of a lost voice.


Until later 🙂

A mindless ritual

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

So many reasons to give up, but
She chooses to stay every time.
All the while she fears, oh, how she fears,
The inevitable fear that the moment,
When the reasons to stay will tempt her,
To give up, to say, enough is enough.

A smile, a kiss, a brush of hair,
To remind her of what they once were.
A hand to help, a shoulder to cry on,
To show that life cannot leech out love.
It’s not fair to have had so much
Yet, there’s so little left now.

Over & over, the cycle goes on,
As if in repeat mode, pain, loneliness, fear
Replaced by hope, faith and belief.
As a circle that never ends.
As a path that never goes anywhere.
A mindless ritual for the soul!

Until later 🙂


Image by: Sarolta Ban

The trail you left lingered in the air
As beautiful as the star dust
And the decor of the magical night sky
With the blinking stars and shooting comets
It all reminds me of that sweet memory
When nothing else mattered than
Your voice, your honey coated voice
Kindling a wave of serendipitous nostalgia
Eons of time passed, without a pause
Yet, here I am and there you are
Separated by time and space
Like a lovelorn moon and the high tide
Trying to reach its lover but failing in vain
Still, I will wait for the day I hear your voice again
Even when I know that might never happen
For I can never give up on waiting for you
For now, your memory will suffice
For my heart to rest and for me to dream on…
And on…

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Until later 🙂

P.S: This form of poetry is new to me, where just the lyrics talk volumes without any focus on the rhyme. Inspired by Sreesha Divakaran who blogs at Petrichor and Clouds and writes amazing poetry.

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