I think, therefore I write


Image by: Sarolta Ban

The trail you left lingered in the air
As beautiful as the star dust
And the decor of the magical night sky
With the blinking stars and shooting comets
It all reminds me of that sweet memory
When nothing else mattered than
Your voice, your honey coated voice
Kindling a wave of serendipitous nostalgia
Eons of time passed, without a pause
Yet, here I am and there you are
Separated by time and space
Like a lovelorn moon and the high tide
Trying to reach its lover but failing in vain
Still, I will wait for the day I hear your voice again
Even when I know that might never happen
For I can never give up on waiting for you
For now, your memory will suffice
For my heart to rest and for me to dream on…
And on…

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Until later 🙂

P.S: This form of poetry is new to me, where just the lyrics talk volumes without any focus on the rhyme. Inspired by Sreesha Divakaran who blogs at Petrichor and Clouds and writes amazing poetry.


  1. Shailaja

    Volumes indeed. You can tell that the yearning is deep and passionate while being held apart by the physical distances. Good work 🙂

    • Bogglehead

      Thanks Shailaja! I tried to paint a picture of that yearning that’s so sweet and painful at the same time.

  2. Soumya

    Beautiful. I love Sreesha’s poetry because I know I cannot write that way. Rhymes somehow are important to me, in my poetry atleast. But the writers who convey volumes with just words and no rhymes are the better ones. Yes, you are one of them now.


    • Bogglehead

      Thank you Leo! A million hugs for always being there for me and encouraging me to try out more. You are my role model in writing.

  3. Kutamun

    Goodness , i hope its not a long distance call !

  4. Hey! Lena

    Oh that awful, awful waiting game. But still we do.

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