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Hi all 🙂

A Strange thought occurred to me and I was pondering for so long on it and still not yet found an answer. Currently, my office communicator status is-“Life is simple, don’t complicate it!” However, I am really thinking if it is really the vice-versa that’s true. Movies show lives that are much easier and knots in life which are much easier to untie. Even in the society, many take life to be so simple or seem to take it so. However in reality, one’s own life doesn’t’ seem so (at least, not for me :P) So I guess my status should be-“Life is not that simple, don’t you dare take it easy!” Darn, that’s too pessimistic. So for now, I am not let this thought bug me anymore and let my status be unchanged at least for the optimism it might instill in me  🙂

Another nagging thought in my pensieve recently is about tears. Generally, tears would either mean sadness or extreme happiness (Tears of joy), the former being more prominent. Many people might think it is cowardly to cry or something of that sort. Even some might take pride in the fact that they have never cried. Yet somehow, all along my life, tears have helped me. What I mean is that, if I cry till I want to, I will feel better by such a great extent. I will be able to forgive anyone who caused it (if there was anyone). I will be able to forget the hurt. Even many times, I have felt like crying just to relieve the stress building up in me (stress may be anything varying from day-to-day work pressure to fights with loved ones). Some people might think that we are allowing ourselves to get hurt by crying and hence end up hurting ourselves. I feel differently. Even if I allow myself to get hurt by someone, by crying I get back leaving all unworthy memories behind. So, ignoring the advice given by many, which is “Being a bold girl that you are, you should not cry”, I will cry if I want to and if I feel like and I will definitely make sure if I am crying for anyone, that person is worthy of my tears [This paragraph might have been total non-sense to some of you. Sorry for that]

Nowadays, I want to blog but am not just hitting upon topics to blog. If at all I hit upon a topic, I don’t get the content racing through my mind. I hate that feeling. Maybe my mind has become too lazy, got to refresh it with a good book (And, am still guilty about not finishing “Between the assassinations” though I have waded through more than half of the book. Maybe the book is pulling me down due to its way of blending all the happenings in different persons’ lives)

I am working on creating my own purchased domain with the help of Adhi and might move my blog there once the groundwork is done. This is an advance notice for you all. 😛 Of course, a  formal post about moving the blog would come up. 🙂

Until later 🙂


  1. eightpointsomeone

    ‘own purchased domain’?? how ?
    details might help me!!!

    • Keirthana

      Gotta find a domain registrar and purchase the domain of your own choice. Have to find a hosting provider to host the website/blog and point your domain to the hosting provider so that whenever someone types your domain address in the browser, it will go to your hosted website. All this information is courtesy Guruprasad( lgp171188 at gmail dot com) whom you can contact for more info 🙂

  2. Poorni. K

    for the tears part, triple like 🙂 It certainly solves no problems but sure does make u feel much much better! Sadness, true happiness and U forgot to mention about the ones u get while laughing uncontrollably (esp. in VLSI lab 😛 )

    • Keirthana

      Very true pompo 🙂 And thanks for adding to my post 🙂 Really,the tears I got during VLSI lab were the times when I laughed most and had most tears at the same instant. Thanks to u and Nandy for giving me those best times 🙂

      • Poorni. K

        🙂 🙂 🙂

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