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Memories from Madhapur || Food, Language and People

Hey people,

I am outta my hibernation 🙂 To say the truth, I forced myself outta it because it could go on for a while given its way, but blogging is something that I cannot afford to give up for small troubles. So here I am to finish off the Hyderabad Series and start something else.

I present to you the last part of the Hyderabad Series…

This post I am going to cover food (Yeah I can see your mind jumping to “Biryani” 😛 ). I am going to elaborate on the restaurants in and around Madhapur, for I have tried out most of the famous ones, being a foodie that I am. But please note that my comments are only for vegetarian items and for egg based dishes, for I do not venture beyond egg into the non-vegetarian section. I tried out the very famed Paradise Biryani for the first time at the Hi-Tech branch. I have to say, my taste buds were satisfied. Paradise clearly lived up to its expectations. After trying various dishes, I would say the best, in my opinion, would be Egg Biryani and Baby Corn Manchurian. In the same chain, Café Nandhini at Madhapur excels in South Indian Dishes as Dosas, Varieities of Idlis and the Pulav here beats the rest in the locality. I would recommend you to try each dosa here as all of them are fantastic. Another restaurant Taamaram that was opened recently has a similar menu and prices are also almost the same, while it provides a classier environment. My recommendation to you at Taamaram would be the Mushroom Masala Dosa and Tuti-Fruity Ice cream. And if you are forced to give a treat by your friends and you have a lighter wallet already, take them to Amantran at Madhapur. The food here is pretty good and it is not that expensive. Same would go for Taamaram too.

Hyderabad House at Madhapur is specializes in non-vegetarian section, as I hear, but I would always love the butter naan at this place with either of Mushroom or Baby Corn Manchurian. Other good restaurants are the newly-opened Veggies365, 4 seasons, Chutneys, Big Dosa and so on.. the list is really endless. Hyderabad people, I know I would have left out a lot of good restaurants due to lack of my roaming skills. Please do tell me which ones I missed out and I will head out immediately 😛 I will leave the food section with a last note, if you come to Hyderabad and leave without tasting the Hyderabadi double masala biryani, your whole trip is a waste.

And I cannot leave the post without talking about the people here and the language. From a newbie’s view, I must say the people of the Hyderabad are quite nice, helping and multi-cultural. At least that’s how all the people who I met first were. Coming from Tamilnadu (A state cursed to know only Tamil and no other language) I was amazed by the level of Hindi knowledge among the people here. Later, I came to know that Hindi is as important a part of curriculum in schools here as other subjects. It is so in most other states except mine 🙁 And then Telugu, I do not know why, it caught on quickly. The language called out to me in an unique way and within 6 month I could manage decent Telugu and now people don’t believe me if I say I am not a native of Andhra Pradesh 😉 I feel that the language is used in a sing-song tone and is very pleasant to hear 🙂

Otherwise, the culture here is as diverse as any other industrial city. People from the north and south mingling in and everything. I would say the city will welcome you with open arms and will amaze you with its different faces. Each day you will find something that you find interesting in this city. I enjoyed my stay here and I hope you will too 🙂

Until later 🙂

P.S: I have read all your blogs  in the past few weeks but just did not comment for the same reason as I didn’t write in my space. I just needed a break.

P.P.S: DIGS, I remember the deal about guest post. I will send it to you soon 🙂 Thank you for the patience 🙂


  1. Archana

    Nice post! I have had the famed Paradise Biriyani once. May be I was too young, but I dont remember it much. You should do a post on Koti, chudi bazaar etc too.Welcome back 🙂

    P.S – The Post Comment tab on your blog has background and text in white. Could you change the font colours?

    • Keirthana

      Thank you Arch 🙂 Taste the paradise biryani again, if you will. It is so worth a trip 😉 And I have noticed the comment tab problem. I have been trying to rectify it now and then but it just wouldn’t change. Anyway, I will get a techie friend of mine to have a look at it 🙂

  2. sumitra

    Nice post Keirthana, welcome back! I haven’t tried most of these restaurants in Madhapur, maybe I will sometime. Have you tried Shanghai Chef there? The Thai food is nice. Also, if you have time to venture out to Secunderabad, try Nan King at Parklane. The Chinese is just awesome. Maybe you should try your hand at learning Hyderabadi Hindi next. M and I miss it so much, we speak it at home all the time 😀

    • Keirthana

      Hey Sumi, Thank you. And I have to yet try all those restaurants you mentioned. Sure will, food is more important than anything else, ain’t it? 🙂 And yeah Hyderabadi Hindi,I need more practice. The liking for telugu overrode it and now I can’t say am as proficient in Hindi as in Telugu 🙁 And Congrats on the century of posts. I myself am nearing a century 🙂

  3. Hari

    Hope you tried ohri’s in banjara hills. that used to be our standard place whenever we got bored in office. we were a group of 8…an awesome team in office…miss those days…really…u named many restuarants that i dont know in madhapur…looks like i should take a pit stop here…its been long…almost 2yrs since i left this place…
    ur comments about hyderabad and especially telugu made me feel proud 🙂
    i have same feeling with tamil…i hear to a lot of MSS songs and feel like learning tamil…i learnt some songs too but have difficulties understanding the words…i hope to shift to chennai…kanchi is my fav place…infact fav is a very small word…for the tradition and culture that chennai abides to, i can live my whole life in that city without a second thought…i just hope the city calls me ASAP…

    • Keirthana

      I have been to Ohri’s once and I loved it. But didn’t get a chance to frequent it. I should go there again. Thank you for your audience and Tamil might be a bit difficult to learn or at least that’s what my telugu friends tell me. If you are really interested in it, you can do it 🙂

      And as you said, Chennai has a vast influence with a variety of faces. Hope you get to go there soon enough and enjoy your stay 🙂

  4. Online Restaurant Reservations

    Recently me and my friends visited ohri’s gufaa basheerbagh…Its been an amazing experience,the food and ambiance is Awesome…I think this is the best Restaurants in hyderabad…..Keirthana its been pleasure a sharing my views…Thanks lot.. 🙂

  5. Cartic

    Well, being living in this area for quite some time now, the title caught my attention! You did cover most of the restaurants out there! And about Cafe Nandini, I do like it but I felt it is far too expensive considering the ambience or the space it offers! I was looking for more about ‘Chutneys’, do have a MLA Dosa the next time you hop in there!

    • Keirthana

      I agree with you about Cafe Nandhini, but for a starved south Indian, the restaurant is god-send 🙂 And yeah, I missed out on chutneys where I didn’t visit until after I wrote this post 🙂 Awesome place. And yeah, have tried MLA dosa and loved it 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by and do come again for more 🙂

    • Anuj

      Ohh…Yaaa this place is a saviour for me..particularly for guys who cannot start day w/o breakfast….if you want good “nashta” in morning time ..cafe nandini is the place…the taste here …

  6. Uma

    Hi Keirthana,
    new to your blog. I stayed in Hyd for about 3 years, so this post brings back those memories of Madhapur, Hi-tech…We used to frequent Ohri’s, Chutneys, Malgudi when in Hyd. Have you been to Chattis, near Jubliee Hills?
    You have a nice blog here. Will come back for more. Why don’t you have a follower’s widget?

    • Keirthana

      Hey Uma,

      Glad that you could relive those moments thro’ my post. And I have never been to Chattis. Now that I have moved to Bangalore, I will try it out if I visit Hyderabad in the future.

      Thanks for coming by. And there is a followers widget. The top-most one in the right hand pane titled “Follow the Undefined” is the follower’s widget for my blog. If you interested, enter your email ID and subscribe, you will receive a mail whenever I post 🙂

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