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A dream of 10 years

I cannot just say it was a dream come true. It was a dream of 10 years. A tree we both had planted as a sapling and nurtured for. Even now, it feels too good to be real. We both kept asking each other “Has it sunk in for you?” and the answer was and is still no. It’s the reality of taking up the responsibilities and managing both office and home that’s keeping my feet on the ground.

It was a journey that had literally everything – Happiness, sadness, anger, joy, love, fights, heart breaks, life altering decisions, commitments, problems, solutions and what not! You name and we had it in our relationship. Yes, love is not just a fairy tale. It takes a lot to keep it up and I learned that well.

After so many twists and turns in my story, there was the day. Finally! Feb 9, 2014. I couldn’t sleep the previous night due to a lot of factors – tension due to the thriller adventure my marriage story took and excitement that the big day was just hours away being the major ones. My friends forced me to sleep saying that I should get some beauty sleep and finally I dozed off. The day arrived in a swirl and swept me off. I got ready and came to the temple which was the marriage venue. I was so restless since I had arrived before him and I didn’t take my eyes away from the entrance. Only when I saw him, my lips curved and the smile came out. The one that reached from my heart to my eyes.

After that everything went so fast and before we could realize, he had tied the mangalyam around my neck. After that nothing mattered to me, everything went in a fit of emotions and blur. I didn’t care, I couldn’t even if I tried. The only thought in my mind was “We have done it.”. The marriage being a simple ceremony helped in many ways since the tediousness was reduced to a great extent and we were still fresh for the grander reception which followed a short while after.

The trip to Delhi and Agra was indeed a romantic one with a visit to the Taj Mahal being the heights of it 😉 Now being back to Bangalore and having joined office, the routine work and added responsibilities have brought us back from the clouds. Still, everyday I wake up with a smile, knowing that I am with him. Good or bad, we are in it together and that’s exactly what we wanted for the rest of our lives.

Here’s a peek into the biggest day of my life! 🙂


Until later 🙂


  1. uma

    Congratulations, Keirthana! you both make a lovely pair..God bless! Wishing you a very happy married life 🙂

    • Keirthana

      Thanks Uma!

  2. Thinker

    Oh that is so lovely!!!! And cute!!!! And joyful!!!
    Congrats once again…
    You both make a lovely pair and the feelings you just described brought me a huge smile and some butterfies too!!!

    • Keirthana

      Thank you! Yes, the butterfly sensation is always there for me when I think of the day 🙂

  3. Srikanth

    It’s always heart warming to read such stories. Let happiness prevail for all the time to come in the future. All the best wishes. 🙂

    • Keirthana

      Thank you for your wishes!

  4. Soumya

    Congrats darling!!! You both look awesome together 🙂

    Believe me, the feeling will not sink in. Almost a year of marriage for me and it hasn’t sunk in yet. Delhi and Agra? Wow! I’m going there for my first anniversary as I have to see the Taj! 😀

    Stay happy and blessed!

    • Keirthana

      Thanks dear! Yeah, it’s good that it doesn’t sink in. We enjoy the fluttering feeling every single day 🙂 Sure, Taj is a must visit for couples. Was an awesome experience.

  5. Mirage

    10 years..whoa!!! That is a big number. No wonder you guys look soooo perfect together. 🙂

  6. Ajay Kontham


    Stay blessed. 🙂

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