I think, therefore I write

உன் கண்ணில் நீர் வழிந்தால்…

This is a love poetry written by my friend.This is one piece which has affected me the most, of all that I have read..

உன் கண்ணில் நீர் வழிந்தால் என் உதிரத்தில் இனிமை கலக்குதடி,

காதலி துயருற இனிமை காண்பவன் மனிதனல்ல, மிருகம் என்போருக்கு

எப்படி தெரியும் என் இனிமை என் விஷம் என்று?

You can appreciate it, given this extra info- The person who wrote this is a diabetic. The original post is here


  1. Clarityy

    I think the first line is from a famous Bharathiyar poem. Check it out. Where he writes about kanamma. The next two lines are nice 😉

    • Keirthana

      The actual author of the poem has given u the reply. Also I would like to know your real identity 🙂

      • Siddharth M

        Clarity is a guy from G2. He-who-must-not-be-named 😛

      • Keirthana

        Yup,Guessed that from sathish’s post.. Still guessing who the guy is.. Haven’t asked the person who sent clarity the mail.. 🙂

      • Siddharth M

        I guess he’l disclose his identity tomorrow. Let’s c ;P

        • Keirthana

          @Siddharth: Didn’t know u did not actually know.. Size enlightened me.. Sorry

  2. Keirthana

    @Siddharth:were u guys kidding me? Tell me the truth yar.. Did u know b4?

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