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Dream Chronicles

Dreams have always managed to astonish me. The way our subconscious concocts stuff spinning around things that we think about a lot, the stuff we worry about, the stuff we  wonder about. But beyond all these, the times our dreams turn out to be one of those stories which we have never thought about at any point of life or even imagined to happen. As for me, I have had a lot of such dreams. They come in all shades of colors. True incidents, Fantasies that I love, Worries that make my life a mess and so on. All of them put together and a fine grand cocktail appears out of it.

Most of us would have had one particular dream over and over again. It might have changed with various phases of our life. For me, up until college, it was a dream about me going to the exam, but not knowing any of the answers, panicking and when the exam time is almost over, all the answers swoosh into my head and I scribble frantically on my answer sheet, only to find the invigilator grabbing it from me because the time is up. I have wondered if that dream kept recurring maybe because that was my worst fear in my subconscious mind. But, I never knew for sure. I was a very fast writer and a pretty sincere kid until school and hence I never had to face this situation in life. Then why did this dream torment me? I have no idea. And it faded off during my college days.

Sometimes I have dreams which while I am dreaming would be of utmost clarity and I would be able to see every detail in my dream world, but once my alarm does it’s job and I wake up, all I would remember is that I had a dream and that it was very transparent in detail, but I would not be able to recollect what was it all about. Actually Spaceman Spiff’s dream post got me thinking about dreams. But unlike her, I have never had a pattern or regularity, for which the exam-waala dream is the only exception. My dreams just come and go as they please. If I am hell-bent on worrying about something, my dream will not necessarily be about that. The converse, when I am excited about something, the probability scale tilts towards the higher side, that I will dream about some random stuff than actually dreaming about my happiness.

Where does our subconscious get its inane ability to put incidents of different inks together to make a multi-colored story? Why do I dream about losing an ink pen when I do not even own one now? Why don’t I dream about making it to Bangalore, when that’s what I have thought about all day? I have often found Dumbledore’s famous quote, “For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let him swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud.” intriguing. And till date, I have not found a true explanation that will clear the mist around my dreams. Do you have any answers? Do you have dreams that you don’t have a clue about when you wake up?

Until later 🙂


  1. Chandana

    A lot of my dreams come true.. If not immediately then after some months, even years sometimes! Weird!
    I remember some dreams so vividly to the last detail and some I forget as soon as I open my eyes!

    • Keirthana

      Your dreams actually come true? That is cool! Never has one of my dreams come true. Maybe you have some super-power 😉

  2. sumitra

    I have several dreams as well. I have no idea what they mean. Often I see entire movies in my dreams. Once it was a horror flick complete with monsters and everything. Once there was an action thriller. I enjoy the entertainment my subconscious provides. I don’t really think we’ll understand the real meaning of our dreams anytime soon.

    • Keirthana

      Full movies huh? Hmm.. It is really amazing to get to know about others’ dreams. Such a variety. And yeah, I agree that we will not get the real meaning of our dreams easily.

  3. Atrocious Scribblings

    I`ve had dreamless sleep for a long long time now, so no fun with dreams for me.

    The working of this theory of unfulfilled wishes making it to the dream world seems very unclear and disputable to me. If you are interested, you should probably read up some books that interpret your dream for you. Makes for a fun read either way.

    • Keirthana

      Lucky you! Having dreamless deep sleep..

      And I too do not agree with the unfulfilled wishes forming as dreams waala thing. It is just easier to accept that it is just a whole mixed up mess as a result of our subconscious’ play.

      And yeah, I am gonna take up an interesting read on this subject.

  4. Archana


    I had a friend from my 7 th standard by your name and spelling as well. She was from hyderabad as well! Did you by any chance do your 7th standard at chennai?

    Okay, for the post now! I dream a lot and some of my dreams come true. That is one reason I dream way too much too. A peculiar habit has been to write down bits and pieces of my dream; though none of those have actually happened.

    Will be here more often, adding you on my reader!


    • Keirthana

      Hey Archana,

      You had a friend with my name and spelling? Really? I didn’t do my 7th grade at Chennai. I did all my schooling at Trichy (my native). I am at Hyderabad only for my job. But all these days I thought I have a common name but an uncommon almost unique spelling. Hmm, Seems I have got to share the spelling too. Anyway, would love to see what she is like 🙂 😉

      And for the dreams, everyone has one that comes true. Hope I could get one that comes true too 🙂 Thank you for your visit 🙂


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